Thursday, April 24, 2008

We love our landlord because he is uber nice to us. He is just a text or phone call away and it's never hard to tell him our requests. He'd pass us on to his staff and there starts the problem. Once, his maintenance office sent someone to fix a leak. The team actually put down an entire (okay, about a fourth of the) ceiling, checked what was wrong, sealed the ceiling back again before realizing that the leaks are still there. Ugh. And they actually had to tell us to stop using one of the upstairs bathroom to 'solve' the problem. Huh? So now, when we encounter problems, we just shoulder the expense and have our own plumber and carpenter to fix things. Over the weekend, a plumber came to check everything that needed checking. And guess what he found out? One of the bathroom faucets has become forever useless because the landlord's man had cut the pipe and cemented the line altogether. And if we try to fix it, we'd have to put down an entire wall. How's that for a solution?!?!?



Anonymous said...

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