No updates? Not really.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Because some of the updates are in my playground :) Visit me and leave me some love. :)

While here, maybe I can also share that my dear Ane surprised me (just when I stopped bugging him) with a RAM upgrade for Ivy. Yay! She's now running with a 1gb ram :) She's not as fast as our desktop but that's okay, there is a change in her especially when I tried to design the invites I mentioned here. Me = Happy Wifey :)

One last thing before I go, let me share with you J's conversation with his mom (I'm one proud Ninang!!!) :

J: Mom, what does a brain do?
His Mom: (kinda surprised with the question) Oh well, the brain controls the body....(etc, etc, my sister explained it to him)
J: How about the heart, does it have blood?
His Mom: Yes, the heart has blood and it actually pumps blood to be distributed to the rest of the body...
J: You know mom, when nobody loves us, the heart cracks...

Oh! such an intelligent boy!!! I can't imagine a four year old actually saying these things. This is also the reason I always look forward to chatting with him...I'm always waiting for cute anecdotes and his corny made-up knock-knock jokes. Hehe.

I better get ready for bed now. My eyes are drooping. Til next time! :)