Monday, April 21, 2008

What a way to start the week, eh? I did a lot of things today but I still feel lethargic.

510am - woke up

530am - left house and got stuck in morning traffic (nobody told us the new 7am is at 6am!!! Last week, we left five minutes earlier. Look at what 5 minute difference can do!)
615am - dropped Ane off at work.
625am - drove thru McDo for a hashbrown and hot chocolate.
635am - arrived at the apartment and instantly fell asleep as soon as I finished the choco. Set alarm for 8am.
8am - Missed the alarm!!!
9am - Woke up for the gym.
935am - Worked-out (still felt soooo sleepy).
1145am - Back at the apartment and had lunch.
1230pm - Fell asleep on the sofa while watching TV.
100pm - Decided to go the bedroom, to check emails with Ivy...
110pm - But I fell asleep again!!!!!
220pm - Had to get ready to fetch Ane from work. Dropped by the laundromat to have a dress dry-cleaned.
300pm - Ane took the wheel and we were off to Malabon but only after we've taken out Caramel Sundae, McFlurry and fries from Mcdo.
410pm - Home!! Turned Ivy on to finally check emails and feeds.
430pm - Can you believe I fell asleep again?!?
600pm - Up to prepare dinner. Ane loved my Sinigang!!!
Now - Just chilling and I'm too afraid to lie down on the bed coz I might fall asleep again!!!

See, I had more time to sleep than move around (it seems). Tsk Tsk. Bad habits need to be changed.


Someone is confined in the hospital today. He complained of chest pains, stomach pains, and high BP since Saturday (even had some nosebleeding on Saturday) but waited until today before he asked someone to bring him to the doctor (that is after the other person ordered him to go). Maybe he's too afraid to know what's wrong with him. Tsk.


While driving to fetch Ane, I realized that I've always been the kind of person who can't say no -- at least to my friends and loved ones. It's not hard for me to volunteer myself, whatever it is I can do. But it seems things change when it comes to this one person. I dunno. Hate is such a strong word and I won't admit it's hatred. But do we consider minimal respect (or lack thereof) a sign of hatred?

Now I feel guilty.