I can feel it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The heat, that is. And of course, if you're on this side of the world, you'll also feel that skin burning heat (37 to 38 degrees or so, hah!)! Hubby and I were asleep at 9am yesterday when suddenly the electricity went out. Not one minute has passed since the fan died when I felt the intense heat I could hardly breathe! My friends know I have really high tolerance for heat (I think I mentioned that info here already) and that experience yesterday was really something.

Anyway, our environment clearly needs help. Global warming is becoming a really big issue. And everything that we do, from conserving energy to sorting our junk can help a bit in alleviating the problem. I consider myself an environmentalist (since high school) and I try my best to help even by doing the littlest of things. Maybe you can help too. Let's all be Green :)

I just read a Reader's Digest (always a nice read I want to subscribe again) article and in it lists some tips to become Green. Have you changed your incandescent bulbs (I think they are already banning the use of these) to CFL ones? And maybe you will consider changing (or not buying) venetian blinds to say, wood shutters, yeah? Grab a copy of this magazine's April issue, if you like :) and see the rest of the suggestions.

Do your share :) Earth is our only planet.