To me, you are Ehra :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've always been honest with anything that I share here. But what I share is not the whole of me. Please know that I moderate my own posts :) I talk about my friends, my family and anyday stuff. But that doesn't mean I am divulging everything, hehe. That said, I am sure this blog is not a place to get information about other people.

La lang. I just suddenly felt the need to put that little disclaimer. Hehe. To continue...

I had a long day yesterday. It's actually one of those days. I'm not gonna bore you with details but it was a day well spent. Ane and I made a short trip to the hospital (nothing serious but the experience made Ane act like a baby nyehehehe), had late lunch at Teriyaki Boy and then I was off to the garden. I had to settle some "drama" too (this is becoming too frequent, I tell yah!). I attended to some Rotary stuff and went to the meeting afterwards. At 930pm, I was rushing to go to Timog where Ane and some friends were having dinner for Polgassen's day. Starbucks later into the night. I had to force them to have coffee with me so I won't consider driving that far a waste of my time hehe.

So yeah, I 'met a new friend' and she'll probably be mentioned in this blog often from now on... only because we share a lot of similarities and interests, we'll probably spend lotsa time together :) when we're not too busy, that is. And to me, she is Ehra ;D