It's no joke

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Staying healthy that is. Sometimes it's not just the lifestyle but also the hereditary issues (sadly we are affected later on in life with diseases that we just got from our genes). Take for example Hubby's friend (won't mention her name anymore) who just got her test results a couple of days ago and she suspects she has diabetes and I think her cholesterol levels are high too. And she's just 30. We're still praying her condition isn't that bad and that everything can still be controlled by medications, proper diet and exercise. I wonder if she has health insurance to cover some of her expenses (not that she needs help at this point). Makes me think that these policies are indeed needed by anyone these days. I'd rather use a health insurance rather than a life insurance, eh? LOL!

I know, I know this entry is badly written. But, gah, I'm sleepy. Sheesh.