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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pampainit ng ulo, mwehehehehe...

Remember Gen. Carlos Garcia? The one who was just acquitted from the graft charges about a week ago. His 'issues' started when his sons were apprehended for bringing in USD100,000 to the US via SF without declaring in 2003. Oh well, his wife just amused me today. Thanks to hubby for leading me to the links. I don't read the papers because things like these make me cringe. But yeah, I am posting the links to Jarius Bondoc's column dated April 18 and April 21, you can have a say :D

Lest we forget, this was what she said
"GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
Friday, April 18, 2008

On Dec. 19, 2003 US Customs detained two brothers who had just landed at San Francisco Airport from Manila. Ian Carl Garcia, 26, and Juan Paolo Garcia, 23, did not declare their $100,000 cash, a federal offense. On questioning, they swore to be US citizens but didn’t know the gravity of the misdeed. Ian owned up to the mistake, saying he had fallen asleep and let his brother fill up the Customs form. Juan said he only wanted to avoid questioning, having been accosted in a similar trip two months earlier for flying first class though only a college kid. Unmoved, the US agents confiscated the cash.

Their mother came to the rescue. Pleading for return of the money, she submitted a sworn statement on Apr. 6, 2004, to wit:

“I, Clarita D. Garcia, date of birth Dec. 3, 1950, swear the following are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. "Click here to continue.

More of what General and Mrs. Garcia said
"GOTCHA By Jarius Bondoc
Monday, April 21, 2008

Voluble Clarita D. Garcia wanted back the $100,000 cash that U.S. Customs confiscated from her sons in Dec. 2003. But she felt that she and her husband, AFP Maj. Gen. Carlos F. Garcia, hadn’t explained enough. So on Apr. 6, 2004, she handwrote Customs agent van Dyke (presented as is):

“This statement is in addition to justify how we were able to accumulate the $100,000. As on the papers submitted by my husband, he just showed his income tax return from his earnings, which showed insufficient funds to accumulate the amount brought by our two sons. Aside from my husband’s declared income, he did not mention his other income from his travel and schooling allowances, honorariums and gratuities given to him due to his added duties and functions designated for his position as Major General in the Philippine Armed Forces." Click here to continue.


Kawawa naman sila. Aping-api. Sana ibalik na ng US ang nakumpiskang pera.
Of course I am sarcastic. :D