First day out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Joaquin had school today and Kuya Jun got some errands to do somewhere in Newark so we decided to tag along and show ourselves around Fremont instead of just staying at home. Joaquin goes to Teacher Nancy MWF 8-5, so it's actually a daycare and school in one. :)

We left the house around 10am. After Kuya Jun "briefed" us around the Fort Bonifacio-like area in Fremont, we dropped him at his appointment and we were on our own. It was Ane's first time to drive here! I was both anxious and excited for him hehehe. Anyway, he did pretty well but stayed clear from the road leading to the freeway, haha!

First stop was Circuit City where we checked out cool gadgets and techie stuff. If you know me, you would have imagined me drooling! Ane and Gi tried the Xbox 360 connected to an HD tv. Whoa! The graphics looked so real! Amazing. But then the console is cheaper in Manila. And besides we didn't have the budget for that. We plan to buy PS3 here though, you know for the big boys, ugh. :)

By the time we went out of CC, we were hungry and decided to grab a bite at In-N-Out. Now, we saw one just around there but when we started walking aimlessly, we couldn't find it and I started to get cold. So we got the car and drove around. The three of us each ordered Cheeseburger and it was simply heavenly yummy! :) I was telling Gi I read somewhere that In-N-Out has a secret menu and promised him I'd find that article. Here it is.

Then we were off to the local Badminton Court, United. I planned to play but the $5 all-day fee got me thinking. Hehe. And besides, I haven't played in a while and there's no one to play with. So the boys just played singles. When we arrived, the players on the court were mostly Chinese. We were even mistaken to be Chinese, haha. The owner was talking to us in his native tongue that it took us a few seconds to realize that we didn't understand him. Ane and Gi were tired and done after about three sets.

After the courts, we visited a 2nd-hand CD/Book Store where Gi found 2 interesting CD's that cannot be found in the Philippines. Then later to Starbucks where we stayed until it was time to pick Kuya J.

Ate and Joaquin were already home when we got back and it was late to cook dinner so we decided to go to our

Splurge of the day destination: Jollibee in Eastridge. I said so because we paid around $45 for Dinner (a bucket of 12 Chickenjoy, Salo-salo Spaghetti, 2-pc Burger steak and Drinks! Too much I'd say so I guess we won't be going back anytime soon. Heheh. The food tasted different though.

That's it for today :)