To Shrek or not to Shrek

Friday, May 18, 2007

Shrek the Third is now showing today. I've been waiting for this time to come but I found myself at a position where am torn between watching it (and spending precious money) and just missing it altogether. You see a movie pass cost $6 in the morning and $10.75 in the afternoon onwards. We planned to see the movie in the morning to save. But, $6 is still $6, and that is something extravagant especially when in Manila we would only pay around P120 (we don't even go to IMax) for a movie or we could head out to Metrowalk & you-know-what. Wink, wink!

So you guessed it right. We decided to miss it. But promised ourselves to catch Ocean's 13 when it plays on June 8.

Since we got here, we've been really careful about spending our pocket money. I know converting is not healthy but then thinking we didn't earn the money here, makes it hard NOT to convert, if you know what I mean.

We stayed home until we got bored. We decided to hit the road and ended up in Fry's Electronics where I drooled some more. Hay I want a new laptop and a DSLR but I have to set my priorities for now. We picked Joaquin from school and dropped by the supermarket to buy stuff for dinner. Then headed home where Ate was.

Dinner was a mean Sinigang courtesy of Kuya J. :)

PS. It is fiesta time in Obando (May17, 18, 19) and I missed it for the first time in years. Sad. Especially now that Ane and I have a big favor to ask God & it sucks that we weren't able to participate in the Fertility dance.