Monday, May 28, 2007

May 28 is Memorial Day. And since it is a Holiday, most are on a break from work. We planned to go someplace but decided against it after discussing because definitely people will be all over the place!

So I agreed to meet up with Benz-driving Marijoe and more-Sophisticated Lira for lunch instead. It is really nice to connect with friends after so many years. We hardly talked since they moved to the US in mid-00's. It's nice to be with Jo, who after having a big row with years ago, we are able to save the beautiful friendship that started in Centerpoint. Lira's excitement to see old friends (who actually white-lied to her aunt just to see me, she told her that I was leaving for PI the next day!) rubbed on to me. We had a blast updating ourselves and talking about our former colleagues at Globe. It would have been more fun if Louie in LA and Pia in Davis were able to join us.

We had lunch at Dave and Buster's and windowshopped at Great Mall. Our time was limited because I had to go back home and Lira had to return to her cousin's house. But we promised to spend a whole day together when Ane and I get back from LA. :)

Can't wait to see them again :)