Hoping for better service.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I went to one of the branches of my mobile phone service provider this morning to pay the bills. Take note that this is the company that I used to work for, that's why I am kinda disappointed. I inquired with the cashier whether there is an existing loyalty program for subscribers. She told me to call the Hotline. I said, why do I need to call when I am already in the Business center where they're supposed to provide service, ayt? So she asked me to get a number a talk to a CSR instead. So after paying, I went back to the greeter where I was told to just call the Hotline. I reasoned the same thing to her. Why talk to someone else when I was right there already. She gave me a number but before she handed the number to me, she said something like, the CSR will call the Hotline anyway. That's clearly disappointing. In my opinion, an employee is supposed to be enabled in order to give the best customer experience. That's what I learned in that company, especially during trainings and market research week when mystery clients are deployed in the centers. One is deemed useless if that person cannot even decide right there and then. So I left. I'll take care of that when I have more patience.