Sunday, September 09, 2007

I took a shower and realized that the shower knob is loose. The water won't stop flowing unless I push it and turn it. The next person to use was my li'l brother and he went knocking on our door saying he can't turn the water off. We need the repairman soon. Sheesh.

About a couple of months ago, the sink in the bathroom was leaking too, even destroying the ceiling downstairs. Now it is useless since the repairman's solution was to cut the connection altogether. It probably needs new pvc tubes and Delta faucets. There's also a problem in the Master's bath, that my other brother is using, because his toilet watertank doesn't stop from running water. We turned off the water connection and then we found out that there could be a problem in the tubes as well since there are ugly water marks on the wall downstairs coming from the ceiling even if the toilet is left unused.

Honestly, this aparment is in need of some serious repairs and renovation. I hope our landlord will do something about our concerns soon. It is getting inconvenient but we heart this place (big and secured) too much, something needs to be done asap.


Anonymous said...

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