Teck or teak

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

While resting between games tonight, I was chatting with Donna. She was sharing how packed their Sunday was (and I thought ours was too busy!). They were somewhere in Olongapo, after their errand, when they decided to check on some furniture for their new home. In the second store that they went to, they found this nice piece that suits their taste. The salesman told them that it was made from "Teck wood". My dear friend got confused and asked again. She heard it right when the man said, "teck wood, from teck". Later in the car, her husband got this lightbulb flashing in his head and blurted, "Oh the man meant to say TEAK!". And they laughed. :)

Speaking of teak, I found some teak outdoor furniture on the web that is perfect for our balcony. Hhhmmmm, if only we have the budget to have the whole area roofed...it's perfect for inviting friends over.