Monday, May 26, 2008

I feel like it's been forever since I last posted, I cannot even justify why I was gone so long. Last night, I planned on catching up but when we got home from Trinoma (where I met some friends, that's another story, ugh), I was having allergic rhinitis attacks until this morning. So after buying food supply for the boys' apartment, I just bummed today.

We just finished dinner (yummy porkchops!) and I am sneaking in a few minutes before I do the dishes. Then I need to fold the laundered clothes and probably tidy up a bit (how I wish we have one of 'em Miele vacuums to make things a bit easier). I am allowed to stay up late tonight 'coz tomorrow's Hubby's restday but I just have to make sure I wake up early tomorrow so I can prepare lunch, hehe. I have plans of scrapping and continue on laying out our album and finish that entry about the fiesta and...wait I'm blabbing and wasting time LOL!

'Til later! :)