Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This is a post about the husband just to let him know how much he matters to me. No, it's not because he didn't give me the tongue-lashing for overspending LOL! It's one of those "just because" days.

For the past days, I've been "confronted" (for lack of better term) with questions why I chose him. But those moments made me realize even more that I made the right decision to marry him. I've always believed he was destined to be my partner for life. I find myself falling in love more each day. It's a natural high. Love is the only addiction one can indulge freely and when one doesn't need to go to drug rehab. Ayt?

Tonight, I told him I suddenly felt sad (not exactly knowing why) but he didn't get mad. It frustrates him sometimes when I unexpectedly fall into my pit. He just listened to my sentiments and didn't argue anymore. I'm the luckiest wifey to have a very understanding hubby!


Purple Pig! said...

how sweet......pareho tayo very lucky wifey to be given a very understanding hubby! hhhmm baka pareho din tayong "difficult" to understand people he he he.

Mich said...

I think that's how girls really are ano? bigla na lang nagiging sad and longing for lambing. hehehe!