Prayer Warriors unite! :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Our town (where I spent my young years) is celebrating its fiesta from May 17 - 19 in honor of our three patrons -- Saint Pascual, Saint Claire and Our Lady of Salambao. Our town is Obando, Bulacan and is known for its Fertility Festival. I've been joining the festivities since I was in High School. I missed last year's though, the first after I got married, because we were away. I have friends who were born after their parents danced while they prayed in our town. So I know, miracles do happen and these patrons intercede for wishes.

This year, hubby and I would like to put more meaning to the festivities by joining the 9-day Novena Masses which will start tomorrow, May 8 every 6pm. It's an open secret that we've been trying to have a child. We've seen doctors and were told that compared to others having problems, our case is just simple and that our problem is minimal. We are offering a sacrifice by attending all masses and joining the novena. Someone nice actually donated to the church so we will be included in the novena for nine days.

I'm now asking my friends and dear readers: if it's not too much, utter a short prayer for us for nine days anytime between 6pm and 630pm from May 8 to 16. Let's unite in prayer, I don't think it will matter if we're all Catholic or not as long as we are praying for the same thing -- that Rommel and Khristine be blessed with a baby. Let's bombard the heavens until He hears our plea, as Mae put it.

Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

ireh!!! ireh pa!!!
PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens)

let's keep the faith.

Kaje said...

nakakatawa ka talaga mae :) thanks ha!!

Anonymous said...

I didnt know u guys were trying to have one - kala ko nageenjoy pa kayo sa isat isa :D Dont worry, God gives blessings at the right time but it would help bombarding the heavens with prayers :D

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Kaje. We pray the angelus everyday at 6pm, I will include you in my silent prayer.

Keep the faith. That will come soon, I'm pretty sure. My nephew was conceived after my bro and SIL danced in Obando, with my mom dancing as well, buti nga di ako nagkakapatid ulit eh! LOL. Don't worry. TC!

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely include you guys in my prayers Kaje! :)

Purple Pig! said...

yes yes we prayer warriors will unite in a prayer concert for a gift of child for you from God!

Kaje said...

@aggie - yep trying since the night we got married :) the 'rents (his side) aren't getting any younger and he's an only chils. ang dami na namin natutunan while TTC, like it's not as easy as it seems heheh. thanks!

@litzie - thanks! talaga about your bro?!?! another case na pwede isama sa list, there's a list in the church office na nakalagay dun yung mga nabiyayaan...natawa naman ako dun sa buti hindi kayo nadagdagan hehe

@ buge and mommy carmie - thank you really appreciate it! :)

hugs to you ladies!!!

Faye said...

Chris and I will include you guys in our prayers :) dont worry, God is preparing the special gift for both of you :)

Unknown said...

Hi Kaje! I have been praying for you and our other friends who are praying for mommyhood. We'll keep praying. :)

Kaje said...

@faye - thank you! good luck on your move to the US, am sure Chris miss you so much! sana magka-baby na din kayo :)

@zanne - thank you, thank you!!