Happy Mothers' day!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' day to My Mom, My Mom-in-law, My sister, Mommy Ellen, all my Mommy friends and web buddies :) I guess you're all out having yourselves pampered, eh? Today's your day and if in case there's nothing going on, why not say grab your Briggs and Riley luggage and go somewhere nice :) Like my mom who's currently in Cebu, LOL! You ladies deserve the break!!!

As for me, I'm at "work". An event just ended and it went well. The client was expecting around 70 or so guests but only half came. Well, at least the staff isn't that tired. Hubby is arriving anytime soon...with my McDo Cheeseburger!! Yay! Haven't eaten lunch yet (although I ate some light snacks) and I'm waiting for him! Been craving Cheeseburger since yesterday! I just need to post one more entry and I'm outta here :)

ps. I have a layout overload in my other blog, teehee. I lurve templates!!!