Yen's QOTW

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

1. When was the last time you kissed someone? Who was it? -- Just a while ago, Hubby! I kiss him everytime I have the chance ;)
2. Last time you went to the movies? What movie? -- Friday last week with Hubby at Powerplant, IronMan.
2. Do you turn off your cellphone/s when you’re in a movie house? -- Nope but I put 'em in silent mode.
3. Do you curse? -- Just the 'light' cuss words but when I'm really really mad, that old PI.
4. Do you often have nightmares? -- Usually when I'm stressed.
5. Who’s your crush? :) -- LOL! Robert Downey Jr!!!! (at the moment)
6. Do you drive? When’s your license expires? -- Yes, my license will expire on my birthday year 2011 (just had it renewed this year).
7. Are you afraid of dying? Why and Why not? -- Nope because that's where we are all going anyway, and I am ready.
8. Do you like to party? Why or Why not? -- I'm not a big party fan, I can't stand the noise. My idea of a party is just dinner with close friends, chitchatting over food and coffee :)
9. Last time you said “I love you’? To whom? -- Last night before going to bed, Hubby :)
10. Last time you exercised? Gym or house? -- This morning, at the gym :)

The rest are here :)