First pair for the year...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

16 Summer White/Red and Gold top
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I had a major delay in gratification. This is my first pair for the year!! I was hoping I could get at least a pair at the just ended MYOH at Rockwell tent, but wasn't able to go back. I really hope I can join the fun next year. I was hoping too that we could make a short trip to Duty Free to check the stocks there since brother arrived but Hubby (and Brother R) won't budge. Malayo daw! Before our meeting with a business partner at Shangri-La Mall, Bro decided he'd get me a pair as a treat, his first big shipment was a success! Pahiyang lang daw! He also got hubby a pair. Super thankful!!!


Purple Pig! said...

ganda ah.....pati si badz meron? congrats to your brother R for a successful business!

Kaje said...

ganda nga ng color :) gusto ko talaga to buy a red pair, this is the closest i could get, naubusan kasi ako nung plain na slim top hehe not complaining though..

badong got yung model na wave, ganda din, nakaform sa feet :)