Thursday, May 01, 2008


It's a holiday and Hubby is at work. I'm home and trying to rest (oh how I wish I have hubs to cuddle on one of the platform beds found on the net). The weather is kinda hot though so I guess he's in a better place with the airconditioning and all, LOL! Plus I haven't eaten anything yet for today. We woke up just before 5am (and I slept around 230am!!!) and when I arrived here at the apartment I could not go back to sleep. Too much in my mind, I'd say. When I actually was able to sleep came my mom calling to fix our schedule. We'll have dinner later coz some relatives are in town and they would love to stroll around Greenhills too. Big sigh of relief for me coz the original plan was to have dinner at ATC which is too far and I'm the one driving.

I'm hungry. I'll go grab something to eat...