Then And Now

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is a tag made by Aggie. I thought I won't be able to do this because I couldn't find the CD where I burned my old pictures, plus our old house is a mess I can't find the albums argh! But then, I found the CD returned to me by our videographer, yay! So I only have a few old pics, and notice I don't even have HS pictures in the layout/s :) Thank you so much for this tag Aggie!

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Aggie wants to see pictures of YOU through the years!!

The Rule:

Post a picture of YOU through the years. You can post as far back as you can and as far back as what you can dig with your pictures. Finish your post and tag three people :) Link up the BLOG post you had your entry on (let’s keep this real and not a viral link exchange, people, kies? Thanks! :D)

Blogs who participated:
1. Aggie - Mommy Talks. Wife Stories. 2. Yen 3. Glo 4. Jacq 5. Buge 6. Joy 7. Thea 8. Diane 9. Kaje

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Credits and better viewing in my Flickr :)

I decided to make a two-page layout, sinipag eh :) On the "Then" page, you'll see pictures of me as a Baby and (from top to bottom)
  1. with my Mommy,
  2. while reading (with matching eyeglasses LOL!),
  3. while dancing (notice my curly hair :)), and
  4. when I was in Grade2 (or 1? Hehe not really sure but we only wore that uniform until 3rd Grade so it's around that time).
On the "Now" page (from top to bottom):
  1. Me in College about a year before Graduation;
  2. Me sporting a super short hair in 2000 (pimples, yaiks!!), was already working at this time;
  3. Me in 2002, geeky look :),
  4. Me in 2005 when I had to wear braces to correct lower teeth; and finally...
The big picture is of Me taken in April 2008 at a friend's wedding :)

I wanna see yours, Mich, Mae and Mommy CRT!!!! This is fun, looking at old photos :)


admin said...

love this Kaje, love also the paper.. i hope makagawa rin ako

Joyce said...

amng cute mo naman nung baby ka the blending..thanks for sharing

Kaje said...

@jennyL - thank you! gawa ka na din :) sarap ng feeling pagkatapos :)

@joyce - nung baby lang ako cute, sis? eh ngayon? mwehehehe salamat sa pagdalaw!

Mich said...

wow nice LOs and photos too! thanks Kaje, naghahanap pa din ako ng photos at ipapa-scan ko na kay Hubby. :)

Anonymous said...

Tin!!!!! ang saya!!! sakto! I have my old pix here... oras na lang need ko... thanks for tagging me.. excited ako!!! hahahah!!

see you soon.

Mhelskie said...

Kulot! Kulot!!! Kulotttttt!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

haaayyy... salamat natapos ko din.. pero di ko nailagay ang ibang pix ko haaayyy hahahah!