Busy Bee

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Busy than my usual laid-back schedule (read: less sleep LOL!). And I am just dropping by for a few minutes because I am going to see my friend Jo from the US (pick her up at three, go to Greenhills, have really late lunch -- early dinner says Ehra LOL -- and then bring her back home in QC). See she's been here for about three weeks and I'm so happy that she was able to squeeze me in before she leaves again tomorrow.

Thursday, it was nice to see second cousins again. It's been a while. The meeting was short but sweet. We had a nice dinner at Gloria Maris and since they made a short trip to Divi, they didn't have the energy to stroll around the shops anymore. My mom got them a villa at Fontana tomorrow, too bad we can't join them (previous commitments).

And did you guys notice how hard the rain was on Thursday night? Hubby and I dropped the cousins home in QC and I had to turn on the hazard lights because I couldn't see the stretch of Katipunan!

Yesterday, I went to my Uni to have li'l brother enrolled, since he hasn't returned from his trip. Man, I had mixed emotions about going back. One, I had to commute. Two, there has been lotsa changes in the campus. But I loved that I was able to enter the Conservatory and the old Aristocrat canteen (which has a new name) again! Memories! Memories!

Then later I met with Hubby at Powerplant to watch IronMan. Will do a short review on that later in my other blog :) I got successful in conniving Hubs to go to Rockwell (I had another reason in mind heheh). I was successful in making him walk to the The Tent (Havs fans must know what I'm trying to get at!!!). But when we got there, the line was too long and then there's a sign at the door that says "2 to 3 hours waiting time WHEN INSIDE". So yeah, reminiscent of the lines at the Nemo Submarine Attraction at Disney, I just gave up in getting myself a pair of customized Havaianas. I haven't given up hope though, because they extended it until Monday and I still have a husband to convince that yes, I'd be a happy wifey if only I can get a pair LOL!

Last night, Hubby went to bed ahead of me (slept at 330am!). Reason? I was busy downloading and unzipping my (inter)NSD Loot! I've gone shopping crazy (but not as much as my Bebot friends, heehhe, I had to control myself from splurging), online, for Digiscrap kits. I twit last night because really, these ladies are the great enablers! I'm just glad that our internet connection is fast and that Ivy's ram is perfect for days like this. I still saved a few dollars for some more shopping later tonight, if there's still anything I like. I will share my loot once I'm done. And I'm hoping I'd get to scrap more!

That's it for now, my "few minutes" is up (woah, that's about 40minutes!!!). See yeah all soon! Happy (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day!!!


Pretty Life Online said...

Give my regards to Jo.... Enjoy!

Purple Pig! said...

ay grabe sinusumpong na naman....badong pigilan mo he he he.

Pretty Life Online said...

your such a busy bee.... lol! Just dropping by girl, I hope you'll visit my corner too got something for you there...