Stay away, in the name of...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yesterday, I got kinda upset because we went to the church early yet we were still late. How did that happen? The mass every Saturday starts at 5pm (an hour earlier than what we were told), so the novena and rosary started at 430pm. Anyway, we just joined the remainder of the mass and prayed the novena before we left the church. When we arrived home, we prayed the rosary. So what's with the entry title?

At the beginning of the first mystery, I heard Ane seemed to be just blurbing his "Holy Mary's" (I was leading). I couldn't undertand what he was saying! Then I started to giggle, no matter how hard I tried to suppress it. Ane started laughing too. We couldn't continue because we were laughing so hard I was actually in tears. Our concentration was broken. Bad I know. It went on for about three minutes. We tried to get back to praying but it was hard. Then I remembered to do something, I raised my hand (as if stopping someone)...and I said loudly and firmly...

"In the name of Jesus, stay away from us Satan. I am ordering you Satan to stay away and let us finish our prayers, in the name of Jesus!!!"

And that worked, 'coz I thought it seemed like the devil was tickling us, stopping us from saying the rosary. Those are powerful words, a prayer that I learned in highschool. Never really uttered 'em words until last night. So I never realized the power of saying it until I said it. It was a lesson (re) learned...that with the help of Jesus, all evils may be defeated, anytime and anywhere.

One day, if you find yourself in a middle of something you didn't choose to be in, then maybe you can utter the words and see what happens :) A blessed weekend everyone!