Cullenified :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Of course, this post is about the current raves about Twilight, the movie. As I said in the previous post, Hubby allowed me to watch it! Yay for me! :) So we trooped to the last full show at Promenade on Thursday night. (Yeah, yeah, a week ago!) I liked the movie, but I like the book better. But it's good that the names in the book are given faces, it's easier for me to imagine :)

The vampires aren't pale, they're ghostly white! (too much foundation and the too red lips? huh.) But then again, I swoon and I can say, "Bite me Edward, please!". The Cullens are so beautiful and perfect they don't need Zyporex at all. And Edward? Those piercing eyes and all that he is, wow. Rob Pattinson played the role so well, I wish I was Bella (lucky girl!).

There are some parts of the book that weren't there. And the details weren't the same (ie. I was expecting a better Cullen mansion; the obvious ad placements in the movie = an old computer vs an MacBook). But I guess time and budget got on the way, and I'm just being OC about the small details, teehee. So if asked if I'll watch the movie again, yes I would!

I'm actually hoping I could read all four books again (Papita, let me borrow J's books!). And I'm currently reading the draft pdf file of Midnight Sun, to understand Edward better. But please I hope I am spared of the nightmares this time around. :)