Home Alone

Saturday, December 27, 2008

As I said in my previous post, the husband is out. He is with his parents at Nurture Spa, Batangas for Jon and Len's wedding. Hubby is the Best Man while my in-laws are both Principal Sponsors. I would have gone with them (I love weddings!!) but my OB allowed me to go on three conditions, that:
  1. I take Duvadilan before the trip to relax my tummy and avoid contractions;
  2. We don't get stuck in traffic jam for too long; and
  3. I should be able to take the weather and not get sick.

Number one is easy, I just need to pop the pill, right? But the next two are beyond my control. We could leave early and avoid the jam but I definitely cannot say I won't get sick from the sudden change in temperatures (I heard it's windy over there). I wouldn't risk getting sick when 35 weeks pregnant (I hated the feeling when I got sick a few weeks ago).

So yeah, I am home alone. It makes me paranoid that I have no one to bring me to the hospital in case of emergency. My brothers are in QC and my parents are in Bulacan (about 15 minutes away from here) but I'm not sure if they're home at the moment. All I can do is pray that I won't have an emrgency. :)

I'm still backing up files, that's relaxing enough. But then the neighbors are too noisy (too loud a music and kids screaming here and there), sigh...So much for a relaxing afternoon. I knew the band practice this morning was a bad sign, ugh.