Long Weekend

Monday, December 01, 2008

It is indeed. It's not over yet as today is a holiday (and it's our monthsary, too!! :)) and I'm already deadbeat (tired is an understatement). I'll do bullets first and expound later on. I can't sit long 'coz I've been getting cramps on the legs from too much sitting!

  • Late night movie with Ane and Brother R at the Promenade. We watched the LFS of Twilight and I'm glad the crowd is manageable for me :)
  • Was home just before 1am and I had to do my night rituals before going to bed.
  • Woke up at 6am to prepare breakfast. It was Ane's restday so I got to wake up later than usual.
  • Left the house around 830am, dropped my LBB at the MRT station and brought Mom to work.
  • Was at SM North at 9am! had to wait for an hour before the gates opened.
  • Was done baby stuff shopping just after 11am. TG for lists, although we were still confused finding some of the items. First time jitters? ;) We only got the most basic layette stuff for the hospital bags and some home necessities like baskets and containers and diaper bag and..you get the picture,
  • Had lunch and looked for items in the "mommy list" but found nothing.
  • Went home and realized I could do some BF Digi Shooping :) So instead of napping, I browsed the net! Ugh.
  • Rotary meeting at night.
  • Was on the road at 9am to meet my college girlfriends in Megamall by 11am. We opened the mall, again, coz we there before 10am ;)
  • Lunch was care of our wedding Ninang Nana (Rissa's mom) at Dad's. Thanks!
  • It turned out to be a mini baby shower for Baby Dot! Yay! :)
  • What was supposed to be a lunch get-together extended until 5pm! Yeah, six hours of non-stop chatting. Was lotsa fun!
  • We dropped by QC to get Ane's badminton gear and I went with him to Greenhills.
  • I braved the crowds and got myself a new blouse and three house dresses I can use while in the hospital (yey, I can prepare THE bags now! after the stuff are washed though).
  • Was done in thirty minutes and I just watched the games at the courts.
  • We had late dinner with Mamita and Papita at Flapjacks in Theartermall (will do the review later) and a coffee cap-off (for them) at Starbucks afterwards.
  • Was home by 1am (talk about abusing my body, eh?)
  • Ane allowed me to sleep longer. So he woke me just in time for lunch :)
  • Lounged the entire day until, net browsed.
  • Took a nap and then prepared self for 630pm mass.
  • Dinner out (Jabi lang naman :)) because the in-laws weren't back yet from a reunion, so we didn't have food hehe.
  • Ane and I were on 'autistic modes' after. He played online while I finished a scrap page.
  • Started the day late again :)
  • Lunch at North Park with the in-laws.
  • Now blogging ;)
  • Later, napping :)
  • We're going back to QC after dinner tonight.