Back to routine...

Monday, January 05, 2009

It's the first Monday of the year 2009 and I'm back to my morning routine :) Woke up earlier than usual (before 430am!), because I felt the urge to pee, LOL! Ane went back to work yesterday but my routine officially starts today only since he allowed me to sleep longer yesterday. Bless him! I'm still sleepy now but I'm trying to stay awake until about 10am. I'm scrapping some pages, you know, so I can have a photobook printed soon. I now have about 8 pages done, 4 of which I finished during the long break. That's productive, eh? Considering I average about 1 page in two months, LOL!

I went to my OB last Saturday. I'm officially 36 4/7 weeks today. That visit prompted me to panic! Doctora said she will already perform an IE on my next visit on Friday so that means I will give birth anytime soon! She even gave me the admission instructions slip already! I'm ready to give birth, I'm not even afraid of the pain. What worries me more is the fact that I'm not done preparing stuff! :D

Here's my to-do list for this week, in no particular order:

1. Wash Baby Dot's crib sheets and some recent purchases. I scheduled to do it today but the ward isn't back from her extended vacation yet (argh!) so there's no one to assist me.
2. Iron Baby Dot's clothes.
3. Wash and sterilize the bottles and nipples.
4. Prepare Ane's hospital bag.
5. Prepare a list of "bilins" for Ane for while I'm in labor.
6. Buy some more stuff for the baby, I made the list yesterday.
7. Pay the PCCI annual fee.
8. Bring the carseat to a shop for re-upholstery.
9. Scrap!!!
10. Do breathing exercises.
11. Practice pushing.

I'm sure this week will just pass like a breeze 'coz I'll be busy :) Have a great week, you all!!! :)


Mae said...

this post has made me.. uhhh.. panic! kung nanjan ako baka mas nagpapanic pa ako sa iyo! yay! I'm just excited!!!! too excited i guess.. :)

Kaje said...

heheh mae, naimagine ko ikaw naeexcite! :)