We're ready, she's not :D

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby Dot and I are already on our 38th week! Our hospital luggage is ready, all the documents are prepared. But it seems like Dot has other plans! :D She's probably uber comfy in there that we'll prolly reach our 40th week! My OB didn't perform an IE anymore, saying my tummy isn't that hard yet, a sign that I am not contracting yet.

Our check-up yesterday went pretty well. I lost a pound and that's good. We're back on track! Everything is normal and good. Except that I need to get better from this allergy so I can practice the breathing and pushing exercises.

I was able to do some walking in Megamall yesterday and in Galleria today. Of course we were in the malls just after they opened, so no heavy crowds yet, yey! And we were out just before them people swarm the place, LOL!

That's the update for now. I am so so excited to see my princess!! :D


Tinggay said...

akala ko nanganak ka na hehehe! i'm so excited for you, my fellow july 1 bride LOL :) hope everything goes well and you have a safe delivery! post ka kaagad ng pics ha! :)

{ Jhari } said...

te Kaje, hang on there. 39wks and 3days ako. konting stretch nalang. save the last weeks of being preggy kasi you'll miss that big baby bump feeling promise.

Mich said...

awww i thot nanganak ka na! but lapit na! God bless and keep us posted. :)

Kaje said...

hi nikki, jhari and mich!

yep still pregnant! enjoy pa siya sa loob eh hehehe

thanks thanks! :D