Scratching the Shopping itch...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yes, the bug has bitten me. I feel the urge to shop especially that my doctor advised me to walk and walk and walk some more. I can walk here in the compound, the space is ample for an hour's worth of exercise but I find that boring, heheh. So off we go to the malls, when Hubby is not too tired to walk with me. So I find it inevitable to leave the the mall without something, even just a little something worth less than $20.

But even if I'm home, my online buddies are great shopping enablers, I tell yah! Just this week, the ladies are on a shopping frenzy! They're particularly "clamoring" for accessories :) It started with bags (oh, those LV and Coach bags are to die for!) and then shoes (love those wedges!). I wasn't able to join the conference (I was probably napping, LOL!) so now I content myself with just looking at shopwiki :) Yes, I just look and drool, definitely no touch! Haha.

With the current financial status, that's how I scratch the itch -- by window shopping! LOL!

ps. pardon the disorganized entry, I'm still sleepy! :D