Twitter Tag

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got this from Alpha who snagged this from Chikai :)

1. Who invited you to join twitter? No one. I just "followed" Aggie and joined the bandwagon :)

2. How many twitter updates have you made since you signed up? I only have 821 as of this moment.

3. How many direct messages have you received so far? I deleted most of them (I think I received about 10), and I'm keeping 2 at this time.

4. On an average, how many twits do you make a day? 10 or so. There are days, though, that I just lurk (when I'm not really on a chatty mood or I have nothing interesting to say ;))

5. How many followers do you have? 33.

6. How many are you following? 34.

7. Have you ever blocked/denied follow requests? Yup. I've put my profile in private mode so I need to screen who follows me, for obvious reasons :)

8. What did you write in your one line bio? None.

9. Did you even bother to customize your twitter page? I just changed the colors once and never customized again since then.

10. Do you think twitter is cool or is just a waste of time? It’s definitely cool, I'm updated :)