J's booboo

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We got a call this morning from my sister. My nephew Joaquin had a little accident, oh well, not really small. While playing in the school grounds, he accidentally bumped his head on something, causing a big wound on his forehead up to his nose. He was so brave he didn't cry. The school called my sister from work and she had to rush to him. He only cried when he saw his mom, maybe thinking it could be this serious since Mommy had to run to him.

At the hospital, the doctor had him stitched, fifteen of them! Yes, the wound was that big and deep! Poor kid, tsk tsk. He's back to his old self now. Even jokes that he is now Scarface :) The doctor only told them that if ever he pukes, they should bring him back to the hospital right away.

Sigh. I hope there won't be long term scars that will stay on his muy guapo face...