Not bad, eh?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Remember the list I made on Monday? I thought I won't be able to finish everything this week! Turns out adrenaline rush worked for me that I can cross out most of the items by this morning! :D

1. Wash Baby Dot's crib sheets and some recent purchases. I scheduled to do it today but the ward isn't back from her extended vacation yet (argh!) so there's no one to assist me. -- Did this yesterday morning.
2. Iron Baby Dot's clothes. -- Finished last night.
3. Wash and sterilize the bottles and nipples.
4. Prepare Ane's hospital bag. -- Yay!
5. Prepare a list of "bilins" for Ane for while I'm in labor. -- Will do this today.
6. Buy some more stuff for the baby, I made the list yesterday. -- Was able to shop for a while on Monday after grocery shopping.
7. Pay the PCCI annual fee. -- the check is ready, will post today.
8. Bring the carseat to a shop for re-upholstery. -- Ane said he can do this after I give birth.
9. Scrap!!! -- Hopefully, I can do this today!!
10. Do breathing exercises. -- been religious in doing this.
11. Practice pushing. -- Must nag Ane about this, he's supposed to count for me.

Today I have time to go for pedicure this afternoon, yey :) I feel good about being productive. It's tiring, yes, but I get the natural high when I get to finish things. I'm going to answer Yen's QOTW after this, but I'm going to look at gift cards first, for my cousin.