I hope this is just allergy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I woke up feeling really sick. Not a nice way to start the week, eh? I probably stressed myself too much yesterday that I was snoring in bed (it's the first time I heard Ane say that I snore, so it must be that noticeable) by 10pm last night. And this morning, I snoozed the alarm one time too many, that I realized it was already 5am! Needless to say, Ane was late for work today.

When Ane left at 530am yesterday, I wasn't able to go back to sleep already. So I went online. When there was nothing else to do, I went down to prepare breakfast for the brothers. Afterwards, I walked outside for about 15minutes, around the pool. The weather was nice but still cold. Then went back inside to do some breathing exercises. I ate breakfast, took my vitamins and drank milk before I prepared for mass. Mass was at 1030am with the brothers. We went home immediately afterwards because the 'rents arrived at the apartment. I was online after lunch, and was hooked on Facebook when I should have been napping. While waiting for Ane to arrive from work, Mom prepared some camote-que and tablea chocolate drink which I could not resist (chocolate = bad for me, might cause migraine. Could also mean Chocolate = extra weight leading to weight loss pills, LOL! But that comes after the delivery of the baby, of course!). I had half a cup of the drink, but it was too sweet for me, I was left with a scratchy throat even if I drank water after. We were off to Shangri-la Mall by 4pm so I could do a bit more walking. We passed by Rustan's Perfume section and that must have been a bad idea. Because I was sneezing and having runny nose in no time. Allergy attack!!!

I was lethargic when we got home, having a really heavy head. I hate being sick. I hope this will go away asap. I was able to practice pushing with Ane's help, though, before going to sleep. Oh and I had a contraction, too! But only once. Maybe I was just really tired.

If you got to the end of this post, thank you for reading my rants. I think I will take it easy today.


Mae said...

me.. panic by the word "contraction"!!! hahaha!!! i hope you feel better soon!!!!

hay naku naman nanlalamig ako pag naiisip kong malapit ka na manganak eh!!! LOL!

Carlos said...

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