Pregnancy Update, 37 weeks.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We had our weekly check-up yesterday. My OB said Baby Dot is already considered full term and I could be giving birth anytime soon. She just shook her head in disbelief when she realized that I gained 2lbs in 6days! Not good, eh. It would have been good if the weight I gained is mine alone but Dot gained significantly the past week, she's now a seven-pounder! Dr. OB said I should watch what I eat from now on and keep the weight I have (I've gained 26lbs vs. pre-pregnancy weight) if I don't want to have a hard time giving birth. I should put that to heart.

Out of habit, I was still drinking two glasses of milk a day and was shocked that I was advised to just 1 glass a day since last week! Sheesh, I wasn't reading my book!

My OB performed an IE (ouch!). My cervix is still closed and the head is still high. My doctor's other patient, whose EDD is just a day from mine, is already 1cm dilated. I was so envious! I was advised to do some walking, and that I promise to do tomorrow (since I just slept all day today, ugh!). We also did some breathing exercises and some pushing. I need to practice pushing some more so I won't forget. I didn't know there is a technique for that and it's difficult to do, huh.

I had a bit of a bloody show yesterday but Dra. A said I should expect it because of the IE. I still got some today but I am not panicking. She said it's expected and not to worry unless there's trickling already.

I'm still good. I'm more bored than scared. I hope we'll have a good week ahead.


amore said...

IE is worst that pushing the baby.. lol Take care ang lapit-lapit na!

Mich said...

wow kaje, I can't believe ang lapit mo na pala! ang bilis lang ano?

happy new year!

Mae said...

ako?? ako ang kinakabahan!!! hahaha!!!
TIN!!!! la lang gusto ko lang sumigaw.. hahaha!!! pls tell badz, isama ako sa update pag nagte-text-an na kayo ha? hehehe pls pls pls... :)

Kaje said...

@amore, so you're saying I should be fine na kasi i survived the IE?!?! heheh LOL thanks!

@mich, yep super lapit na pero nakakainip pala talaga kung kelan super lapit na

@mae, baka ikaw kelangan mo din ng breathing exercises hehehe uyyy kasama ka na sa draft message na nasa phone ko, ise-send na lang ni badong hehe

Mae said...

hahahah! OC!!!!! hahaha! may draft message na! :))

thanks tin... excited na ako!!! :)

Kaje said...

mae, lumalabas ano? hehehe baka mataranta si badz eh, may ma-miss pa kaya ayun hinanda ko na. naiiling nga nung pinakita ko e, akala siguro nagaadik ako LOL!