Yes, still pregnant.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I would have shared the blow-by-blow details of our last OB visit but words are escaping me now. Well, the bottomline is I gained weight (when I shouldn't), my tummy has lots of amniotic fluid, Baby Dot is fine and my cervix is still closed at 39 weeks. I was advised to stop drinking momma milk, walk some more, get my calcium needs from veggies and to take Buscopan for three days (to soften the cervix).

I've been doing a lot of walking since Friday. We walked in Megamall (the entire 5th, 4th and 3rd floors and a bit of side trip at Cyberzone and the ground floor) after the check-up. On Saturday, I woke up early and literally dragged Ane to join me in Greenhills. We were able to walk around the shopping center four times (or five, Ane thinks). And then in the evening, my family went to ATC to accompany li'l bro, to have dinner for Mom's birthday, and of course to walk. This afternoon, after my nap, I went walking here inside the compound for about 45mins (that includes climbing up and down the 45degrees ramp a lot of times). I would have chosen to walk some more but the neighboring compound started to light up some leaves and I can't risk another allergy attack. I'm tired and bored from walking but I am doing this for me and the baby. So I'm going to walk some more until Baby Dot decides to come out, LOL!

Please continue praying that I will have a normal delivery. I have reasons for not wanting a CS operation (nope, not afraid of going under the knife at all) : 1) Healing takes time. I wanna enjoy my daughter as much as I can, 2) we can use the money for CS for something more important, and 3) my skin has the tendency to turn into keloids. So, prayer warriors, you know what you need to do, LOL!

My weekend has tested me emotionally. And to end this post, I would like to share this, it's all about my roller coaster ride, something that I just wrote a while ago :)


Mae said...

PUSH!!!!! yep.. we'll keep on doing that... >:D<

Mich said...

hang in there! lapit na yan! ;) ganyan din ako with Alex, I walked the whole village but induced pa din on my 41 weeks. Try mo sa MOA maglakad, baka effective. hehehe!