Heaven's surprise :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

God really has a way of surprising us.

The series of events:
Mom received a blouse in a paper bag last Christmas.
She's worn the blouse and put aside the paper bag.
The paper bag laid on the living area center table for so long.

Until my brother tossed it inside the ward's room because he had friends coming over (ward was on vacation at the province at this time).
Last night, Mom cooked some Paksiw na Pata, my hubby's favorite.
Ane chose to bring some to work for his lunch today.
Since I had to put the viand in another container, everything won't fit in his bag.
So I had to find a nice paper bag to put his baon in.
And I found the paper bag that was nearly forgotten. It's red, by the way.
I checked it inside-out and tried to take out the tag.
There inside, stapled near the handles, a red angpao!
And had money, naturally.
The blouse actually came with money!
Mom did not see it right away.
Now we have cash to pay off the electricity bill, heheh.

God is good :)


walkonred said...

ba, malaki ang laman ng angpao! :D

Kaje said...

yup! nagulat kami heheh :D

Mae said...

hahahah! kanino galing ang ampao??? pakilala mo kami! LOL!

Kaje said...

hay nako mae, ang swerte ni mommy sa friends niya...hindi na nangiiwan, mga galante pa LOL!