Shopping itch.

Friday, January 09, 2009

I am having it at the moment. I so wanna go shopping. I am done buying loots for Baby Dot, though. I have stuff in mind for myself and Ane (he wants a new videocard for his PC!), but yes we're saving at the moment so we're rethinking our (soon-to-be) purchases. So I'm down to window-shopping. LOL! I need to go walking, honestly, but since I can't at the moment, I'm browsing the net, hehe.

In times like this, I would rather look at stuff that I can put and use around the house. Maybe, it's something I got from my mom, who gets "hypnotized" when left alone in the home section of any department store! :) Last time we were at Gourdo's she was looking at pepper mills and I found this Blomus Stainless Steel Pepper Mill really nice:And this Blomus Stainless Steel Kitchen Multi-Storage will be helpful in the kitchen too :) :

I want this Blomus Stainless Steel Hand Magnet Set, too, only because our refrigerator cannot have enough magnets, LOL! Love the colors!
Yey, done 'shopping' for today. Gotta go prepare the table for dinner! :) Ciao!