It has worsened.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I currently have a heavy head and a stuffy nose. It is just another allergy attack, as my OB confirmed yesterday. Poor me. I can't do my exercises because of it. I'm afraid it will turn into a full-blown colds if I force myself to do the breathing and pushing exercises. Neither can I take anti-histamines, for obvious reasons.

I need to get better, really soon.

I am on water-therapy and my Doctor advised that I stay away from fibrous fruits for now. And to also avoid shrimps, crabs and eggs because of the high allergens found in those.

We came home from the supermarket at lunch today (I also did some walking in Galleria) and was welcomed by big shrimps on the table (my MIL sent some last night). I was hungry and totally forgot to eat something else when we were served Menudo and Pinoy Beef Steak too! I just realized this after I have already stuffed myself with about 10 pieces of the shrimps and was full. Tsk.

I took my afternoon nap and was feeling sick more than ever. I'm usually good at watching what I eat, but forgetting something as important disappoints me. Sigh.

When I should be better, I am worse...