A Biology lesson.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Before I came here for a vacation, I was talking to my HS Biology Teacher, Ms. T, who has become a lifetime friend. We planned to see each other after I got married but we didn't get around to doing so. It was postponed and re-postponed, until I told her I'll be away for two months. Just letting her know. Anyway, one of the reasons we didn't see each other was she became busy with her brother who had a stroke. I exclaimed, "your brother had a heart attack?!?!" I tell you, she wanted to laugh and scream at me at the same time. Hehe. Finally she composed herself and told me, it doesn't follow stroke = heart attack, and that she should have flunked me in Bio back then. Shame on me. Hehe.

Anyway, she probably won't believe it when she hears this. After watching Ratatouille this afternoon, I realized that DNA matching may be done using strands of hair! Pardon my ignorance but that's the same reason I never wanted to be a Doctor in the first place! :) Hehe.