Ninong can go home by himself.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Said Joaquin. Hehe. He didn't want me to leave, but jokes my Ane that he can leave anytime. But he was happily waving goodbye at us at the airport. Later he said we were just at the market. Poor boy, thinking we are returning anytime soon.

I was talking to him this morning and asked me, "Ninang, are you still in the airplane?" Which made me laugh, hihi. And made kwento about his Mommy getting him a new Lego Set (of course my sister was denying it to his face hahaha). Anyway, I always tease him and tell him "You silly boy!" for which he would retort, "You silly mommy!". My answer would always be, "I'm not your mommy!". One day, I was startled because he answered back, whispering, "But you are my secret mommy." Aaawwww. How can I not adore this boy?

On our last day in San Jose, we still managed to watch Tranformers again :). We accompanied Kuya Jun. Of course, we had a blast (again!) and I understood the movie better the second time around. Because then, I was more observant and saw all the small details of the movie which are quite important too. We got home around two pm and continued packing our stuff. We also managed to get some boxes of Girl Scouts cookies from (Tita) Didith. We love free stuff :)

While packing though, we received some sad news from Ate's college galpal (more on that later). On the way to the airport, we grabbed some Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts and some Burgers from In N Out so we'll have something to eat at the airport while we wait for our boarding. I'll miss the burgers for sure!

We parted ways around 830pm. I felt like crying especially when we said our goodbyes. We took off shoes and passed through security. I was trying my best so my tears won't fall until...

Security asked me about my handcarried bag and whether they can open and inspect it. And then boom! I was instantly scared (a bit) while thinking about the contents (not that there are prohibited things in there, duh!) but just the thought of being held for a few minutes. I was nervous! It was just the ref magnet we bought from Disney that did it. Hehe. So there. My momentum was clearly ruined, hihi.

After that, I looked back and realized that my sister and her family already left. Sigh. I miss Joaquin already.