Hungry for more of Harry Potter!

Monday, July 30, 2007

It really feels good that Daday and Mitch are done reading Book 7. At least now, I can freely discuss it (and understand it more). Oh well, I also enjoy telling the story to my brothers who would rather read it later on...after they lost interest due to the spoilers! And I cannot talk about it at home because Ane simply refuse to listen, hihihi.

Anyway, D popped me a message this afternoon. And it started a little discussion and a lot of realization..and then later more questions to answer about the whole HP series. It is fun talking about Harry and I found myself really hungry for more. Especially when D sent me this link, where JK Rowling is being interviewed. If you are also done with the book (otherwise, don't dare go there:)), go on and click the link. It's like the transcription of the interview shown in the Today show. You'll be surprised at the additional information JK shared that is not in the book! Plus other links in that page :)

Oh my, I wish Rowling will really publish a some kind of Harry Potter encyclopedia! And I also hope we can someday visit the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando which will open in 2009! :)


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