It's a Sunday and I am at work.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ane is at work (days-off: Fri & Sat). I am at work. It's always stressful when I am here. You just do not know how stressful it could get just to be here. I hear voices and I'm not hallucinating at all, believe me. It's been a struggle just to be sitting and hearing two people exchange/throw childish remarks at each other. Enough.

I should be happy. The past few days were happy. Except for Wednesday.

I'll make this Wednesday kwento short. Ika nga ng matatanda, ipagpasa-Diyos na lang natin. My mom and I took the first flight to Cebu at 430am. We planned to go to the Requiem Mass for Ana, my sister's college barkada (she also grew close to our family), at 9am. Before Ane and I left for Manila, we received the sad news that she was on respirator after she committed the unthinkable. When we arrived here on Sunday, my ate said that she passed away. Of course we were all sad. She was too young to die. When we (mom and I didn't know we were on the same flight with some college classmates and a prof) arrived in the funeral parlor, we were able to talk to Ana's cousins and we were enlightened a bit. The mass was a very emotional one. Immediately afterwards, her body was taken to the crematorium. I took some photos. Her ashes was to be thrown to the sea, so there was no point really to stay longer. Later, my mom's friend picked us up and showed us the city (it was my first time to be in Cebu)...more like a joyride I'd say. Since the trip was totally unplanned, mom's friend wasn't able to clear her sched and we spent the entire day in her car. The trip was really short. We were back in NAIA by 9pm, same day. I plan to visit again some other time.

Thursday was a busy day at work.

Friday, I was at the cafe early to take care of some money matters. By lunch time, Ane was back from renewing his driver's license and went to pick me up. I went with him to his HR Department then he dropped me to my Rotary Meeting at Heritage.

Yesterday was my Hubby's birthday. He is now three-oh years old and he surely doesn't look like one. We didn't do anything special. When we woke up, we had the urge to watch the new Harry Potter Movie. So off we went to Rockwell with my two brothers. The theater disappointed me because the seats and carpet looked dirty, hay. Powerplant cinemas are my fave cinemas pa naman. The movie was okay except that it got dragging at some parts and the climax was, oh well, too quick it did not sink right away. We had lunch afterwards at Kaya. Later, we were found at GHBC playing with our badminton buddies. I had five games and you bet my body is aching as of the moment. Dinner was at 4xforce. Oh, I certainly missed our Saturday after-play food!

Today, since Ane is at work, we (my two bros and parents) celebrated his bday without him, hehe. We had lunch at Healthy shabu-shabu at SM North The Block and had some desserts at Cerealicious (yummy!). And then I am here.

It is almost closing time and I need to end this now. ;)