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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our flight is tomorrow. From monday til today were busy busy busy. Am doing this post while we are packing so,

I'll do bullets for updates (so I won't forget...):

  • Monday - Lunch at Cheesecake factory and Malling at Valley Fair with Marijoe and Lira. :) Bought a few things.
  • Tuesday - Stayed home and did the laundry whole day. Went out for a while for lunch and to buy Ane's PSP. In the evening, Ane and I were picked up by the same couple friend we had dinner last week. We caught the 1130pm showing of Transformers (ang danda danda danda!) at Cupertino AMC. Libre :)
  • Wednesday - 4th of July. Malling at Oakridge. Ane bought me a watch, a book, a mag and two blouses :) At night we tried to catch a fireworks display but we got there a minute too late, oh!
  • Today - Was out the whole day. Our to-buy list is crossed-out except for one (we'll try to see tom). Ane bought me a tote laptop bag (yey!) and a wallet. Dinner was with Jo, her husband Ryan, and Lira at a Chinese Restaurant in Milpitas. Starbucks afterwards.

Ciao for now hehehe...