Spoilers are Losers!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on Monday at 3am. At the rate that I went, that was still kinda slow. Hehe. I got the book around 7am on Saturday and started reading around 8am at Kopi Roti in Katipunan (we dropped li'l big bro in Ateneo and killed time in the coffee shop waiting for the Greenhills shops to open so Ane can have his racket re-strung). But got distracted, every now and then and I had to sleep, too. Anyway, at least I was able to finish it. I'd say that the book is brilliant and I will not say anything more.

But I'd just like to share that after reading, I asked my bro G for the link of the supposed spoilers sent to him on Thursday. If you are curious, go Google encyclopedia dramatica and search within the site for Harry Potter and it will lead you to pictures that wormed the net even before the book was released. Now the people who do this are losers. They are not readers at all and are sadistic! How can they spoil everything for those who waited to read this amazing story?!? There are even youtube videos that show spoilers being painted on cars and the cars being driven where people are waiting to get their copies. Sigh. That makes me really angry.

I was paying for my copy on Saturday and there came a group of teenage girls who squealed in delight after seeing the books near the cashier. And guess what they did after that? They got too excited, jumped up and down while shouting, "Look at the ending! Look at the ending!". Gosh. I almost screamed at them to stop doing that because they are spoiling the moment, my moment.

I couldn't help but be emotional about this. Maybe it's just me ;)


Purple Pig! said...

Tin new look! and I opened na rin your other site--am sure more to come. Parang nga lang digiscrapping or art requires a lot of time in front of PC ano? Eniwey good luck to your new found passion!

Grabe ang bilis nyo talaga magbasa si jeeves din posted that he got it on a sat and finished it agad by early morning sunday yata.

Kaje said...

i wanna read it again mind you :)