Joaquin's party

Sunday, July 01, 2007

We didn't plan on having a big party. Simple is the word. It was a lunch party yesterday at the BBQ grounds of this apartment complex. We started the day at around 8am (too early for me waaahh!). I started by cutting the fruits and putting it in serving trays. Ane and Kuya J worked on the balloons (people can actually buy helium tanks here, hehe). While my sister got the cake and some ice from the supermarket. We started bringing the things outside and setting the place up just before 10am. Before 11am, Ane and Kuya was off to pick up the food from Chef P's. There were lotsa food to munch! :)

We finished setting up a bit past 11am and the guests started to arrive. The adults started chatting away while the kids enjoyed playing with the train tracks we also set-up. By 1215pm, the entertainer, Silly Dee arrived and warmed-up the kids by blowing balloons and setting it free. The kids were easily amused! They wanted to do that over and over again. And then SD started making balloons for the kids. She asked Joaquin what his favorite animal is, and my boy didn't answer right away. He looked up, as if thinking and said "a Penguin!". SD rolled her eyes and am quite sure SD was caught off-guard. What 4 year-old kid would say that, eh? Hehe. Silly Dee would have easily done a dog balloon or a cat or even a rabbit. But a penguin?! She was able to pull it off, though. Coolness! And then there was a little puppet show with SD and her worm in an apple. It was so easy to entertain the kids, I had so much fun just watching them laugh :) Silly Dee also adored the kids, they were all so cute :) The kids also had fun playing in the playground. Later we has the candles on the cake blown and before we knew it, it was time to clean up.

The guests started to leave, with take-away boxes :) Dami natira na food! Some relatives helped us clean up. They also stayed a while in the apartment to chat a bit more. After they left, Joaquin opened his gifts and he was obviously more interested with the toys than the clothes. His mom is so thankful not all guests gave toys. We had to keep most of the gifts otherwise Joaquin will just mess-up the house again, hehe.

Earlier, we talked about watching a movie but at 6pm, we were all tired already. We decided to stay home and guess what? Ane and I were asleep by 9pm. Very rare indeed :) It was a restful night. :)