Family time is important.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sundays are important. It is a time to spend with family (after God). Too bad, Ane has to work on Sundays until I dunno when. It is on these days that it shouldn't matter whether we have extra money to spend or not. Eating at fastfoods and nothing fancy would oftentimes be enough, heck, eating at home before going out is usually better on those days. Coffee and desserts sessions (what we call "Starbucking") are amiss. As long as we are together, we are fine. As long as there are no business and work talk, we are fine. As long as we don't talk about our current circumstances, even for just a couple of hours, that is enough.

Like yesterday. The two brothers, the 'rents, and I were at Rockwell. We were able to squeeze in the budget for a movie. Later, I realized we should have gone somewhere else (but not SM! hehehe arte talaga) because the movie cost P161...where was I when this happened?!? Hehe. Or maybe, back in the days, it didn't matter how much a movie costs? Hmmmm.

While everyone else (the lines were loooooooonggg!) were lining up for Ratatouille, we had tickets for The Simpson Movie. The rat movie is pretty nice too (saw it in the States) but the Li'l bro wanted Simpsons, him being a fan. Mom was apprehensive when she realized we were watching cartoons but later, while inside, we could hear her laughing out loud. That's what the movie is. Full of laughter from start to finish. The humor is not for kids though, with it's PG13 rating.

I suggest you watch it too. If only to forget about life (and it's troubles) for a moment. Cheers! :)

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Purple Pig! said...

Tin pwede ba sila ambeh dito sa movieng ito? kinukulit ako e he he.

Kaje said...

pwedi naman, basta maexplain lang sa kanila yung dialogue, scenes (like bart hating his dad) and humor. simpsons is actaully for the older kids pero if they'll have fun if only for the slapstick humor, eh di go! :) sobrang nakakatawa yung movie :) may lessons din naman :)

Purple Pig! said...

haynaku ewan ko ba gusto nila tong simpsons, sponge bob, mr. bean yung may makukulet....mana sa ama na komedyante