I am a terrible keeper.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Yesterday, I was a bit panicky. I could not find some very valuable and sentimental pieces in my usual hiding places. I panicked even more when I asked the three people I would most likely ask to keep it for me -- my brother, my mom, and my MIL -- whether I left those with any of them before we left. Negative.

I was quite sure they are not missing neither misplaced. I am just a terrible keeper that even I could not find where I kept my things!!! So I was crying in worry that I felt so sick yesterday. This caused some very nasty arguments (rather fight) with Ane -- the works (Pang-MMK!), complete with the car chase and urgent mobile phone calls. Won't go into details, I just wanted to show you the big picture. If you know us, we never fight like that.

Anyway, all's well that ends well. We found what we were looking for (where I left them in the first place!!!!). And the two of us?!? We're good :)


Purple Pig! said...

uy buti naman oks na kayo ni badong

Kaje said...

yup, hindi naman ako matitiis nun eh nyehehehehe..ang baddddddddddd ko talaga!