My li'l brother is a music-lover.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Yep, he is. Amazingly, he appreciates music from all genres. Quiz him about some new band and he'll give you answers :) Ask him about New Wave or some OPM songs from the 70-80's (he was born in '90), he can even sing the tunes. While here, instead of buying himself clothes or big boy toys, he got music CD's...lots of those :) If we had the luxury of time (and money!), we would have purchased concert tickets online to see a band or two that he likes to listen to live.

Anyway at the moment, he's into some Rock music, that kind of stuff. He texted me last week if we cold still grab him three CD's he'd really like to have in his collection (and in his IPod, too!). We had a hard time finding one of the CD's because we weren't familiar with the band. We went to Barnes and Noble on Tuesday, and I must say I was quite embarrased. I was looking for a CD by Juturna named Circa Survive. The man in the counter (being an old man himself), could not find it in their database. And then when he tried to look for Circa Survive, he looked at me and said, 'Circa Survive is the name of the band and Juturna is the album title'. It figured! I smiled and thanked him for the information but I felt my cheeks went red. Hehe. Finally, we got the CD at Circuit City where it is available :)