Tuesday, July 10, 2007

1. When did you arrive?

- We left San Francisco Airport on July 6 at 11pm. There was a brief stop-over in Guam but we were not allowed to unboard. Our plane landed on NAIA2, July 8 430am, one hour earlier than ETA on our tickets (prolly because of DST? hmmm).

2. How was the flight?
- The flight was pretty smooth from SanFo to Guam (about 10hours). Our seats sucked though. We were assigned on aisle82 (waaayyyy behind) beside the area where the food was stored. It was a noisy area. The man sitting behind us was pushing our seats forward, even had the guts to take his shoes off. He put up his foot where we can practically smell it! For dinner, we had some steamed fish (we ran out of choices!) over rice and vegetables. We didn't have our own tv monitors installed on the seats in front of us so we decided to just sleep. But couldn't. Sigh. Breakfast was served before landing Guam (corned beef and rice). The short flight from Guam to Manila (about 3hours) was bumpy. Rainy season has arrived so it was cloudy.

3. Why did it take so long for you to come out of the airport?
- Baggage claim took ages!! Okay, more than an hour. The carousel for our flight was also used simultaneously for another flight. Argh! No problems though with Immigration and Customs.

4. You look fat, did you gain weight?
- I beg to disagree! I did gain weight, only about a pound or so but that's pretty insignificant. :) Ane also gained a few pounds...The gain is something a badminton game can easily shed.

5. You got tanned, did you?
- Yes. I guess those times we were out at the Theme Parks did it for us.

6. Where's my pasalubong?
- Sorry to say that we didn't bring home any. At least not that much. We weren't there for a shopping spree as our pocket money was very limited. We did buy some stuff for others who sent in money though.

7. The biggest question of all: Did you get pregnant while you where there?
- This is a dreaded question, it gets me stressed really. But to answer the question: NO. I was delayed for 45days until I felt cramps while onboard.