My father goes techie.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ever since he started serving the people, he would go to different places here and abroad for his trainings & seminars or simply group outings. He would find himself pictureless during those times or sometimes it would take his companions too long before he is given copies. So when he saw my sister's old Canon Powershot, he had the guts to ask her for it. She gave it up thinking it was about time to upgrade anyway :)

So he brought it back to Manila, took shots here and there. Until he took a shot and regret taking it only after a few minutes. And guess what? He forgot to ask any of us how to even delete a shot! He naturally panicked and accidentally deleted everything! Haha!

He is nowhere near being techie at all! Well at least, he has his secretary to do techie stuff for him :)